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The protective effect of labor protection shoes


1. Anti static and conductive shoes

Used to prevent accidents caused by static electricity on the human body, conductive shoes can only be used in places with low risk of electric shock. In order to ensure the effect of eliminating static electricity on the human body, the bottom of the shoes must not have insulating impurities attached, and high insulation socks should not be worn.

2. Insulated shoes (boots)

Used for the protection of electrical workers to prevent electric shock accidents within a certain voltage range; Insulated shoes can only be used as auxiliary safety protective equipment, and their mechanical properties must be good.

3. Anti smashing shoes

The main function is to prevent falling objects from injuring the feet, and the front toe of the shoes is made of impact resistant material.

4. Acid and alkali resistant shoes (boots)

For workplaces with acid, alkali, and other corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali splashes on the ground, the sole and leather of acid and alkali resistant shoes (boots) should have good acid and alkali resistance and penetration resistance.

5. Anti puncture shoes

Used for sole protection to prevent punctures from various hard objects.

6. Steelmaking shoes

The main function is to prevent burning soup and stabbing, which can withstand certain static pressure and temperature, and is not flammable.

7. Oil proof shoes (boots)

Used in places with oil on the ground or splashing oil.

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