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How to use safety shoes correctly


1. Do not modify the structure of shoes without authorization, such as drilling holes, hollowing out, etc

2. If safety shoes are designed with anti-static, insulating or conductive properties, homemade insoles must not be used.

3. Wear safety shoes correctly, avoid wearing safety shoes barefoot, wear safety shoes as slippers, and damage the back of the shoes: wear safety shoes without tying shoelaces.

4. After wearing, safety shoes should be cleaned in a timely manner. Do not rinse directly with water or expose to direct sunlight. It is recommended to use a brush and a small amount of warm water to remove dirt. After cleaning, place in a cool, dry, and ventilated place to air dry.

5. Please replace safety shoes promptly if any cracking, water leakage, or significant decrease in anti slip performance are found.

6. Anti static shoes should undergo a shoe (shoe) resistance test every 200 hours of wear. If the resistance value does not meet the requirements of anti-static shoes, it cannot be used as anti-static shoes.

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